Wedding Reception

All the information you need about the Wedding Reception

Your prayers & presence would be the best gift for us.

Many thanks to Bro. Blessen and Sis. Lincy who have never missed any opportunity to pull our legs till date. So with much thoughts, prayer and careful consideration, we asked them to host our wedding (at our own risk!).

Over to you guys. Lets enjoy!

Our friends who are hosting our reception

Blessen Varghese

      Lincy Santosh

          About the Wedding Reception

          • Couple enters
          • Cake Cutting
          • Bride throws her bouquet
          • Raising of the Toast
          • Grand March
          • Our First Dance
          • Sumptuous Dinner & Greeting the couple
          • Go home and sleep 😛


          We want to thank our parents, family members and relatives for all their prayers, love and support.

          Special Thanks To

          • Rev. Shyju, Tiny & our cute Kathryn
          • Pst. Priji, Rashmi & our darling Zahal
          • Revive Nations Family
          • Ambernath Revival Center Family
          • Hindi Hebron Lutheran Church
          • Pst. Vijay & Virginia Belola
          • Dean & Caron Roscoe
          • Ashish & Rima Lazarus
          • Allwin & Suzanne Karkada
          • Kim Dsouza
          • Elina R
          • Pushkaraj Mhatre
          • Oscar Varghese
          • All our loving friends